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Answers to our frequently asked questions

Cloud hosting is the top-of-the-line website (or application) hosting solution available presently. The technology has already achieved a tremendous level of acceptance in a short period of time.

A VPS (Virtual Private Servers) cloud is a VPS being built upon a Public Cloud infrastructure. It is NOT a VPS made from a single dedicated server but from multiple Compute nodes and Centralized storage which is extremely resilient and offer much more hosting features.

A VPS Cloud server will provide you IT resources (CPU, RAM, Storage capacity, storage performances (IOps) and bandwidth. As long as you have the right OS and right environment (for example, PHP versions, MySQL or MSSQL, Easy apache, Litespeed, IIS etc…) for your applications/3rd party software, and that you have enough IT resources to run your project, you will be able to use any VPS Cloud server.
Note that our qualified sales staff will be glad to help in case you need assistance choosing the right server for your needs.

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